Curbside Collection 2024

Trash TruckThe Southbridge municipal trash program will be going

through changes in the next 14 months.


Our vendor will continue to provide curbside trash and recycling services until March 24, 2024.

Beginning on March 25, 2024, Southbridge residents will need to pay for trash disposal, and recycling collection and processing costs.

HOW will we pay this new multi-million-dollar bill?


Some of the options (or combination of options) that are being discussed include: 


A. Property Taxes - paid by property owners through their property taxes. 

B. Flat Fee - paid by property owners based on the number of housing units. 

C. User Fee - paid by users depending on how many trash bags are put out for disposal. 


Note: Southbridge residents will continue to use the existing curbside trash carts.


A short survey will be provided in your yearly census. Please fill that out and return it with your census. The Curbside Trash Committee will review and provide information at public information meetings throughout the year.

There was a meeting of the Curbside Trash Committee on January 12, 2023, at 6pm in the Veterans Room in Southbridge Town Hall. Please reference the Town calendar for future scheduled meetings.


Curbside Trash Committee


Mission Statement: “The Committee will explore the implementation plan for a curbside program and how it will be funded.”

Committee members:


Councilors: Michael Marketti (Chair), Gus Steeves 
Health Inspector: Daniel Wasiuk, 
Board of Health Member: Daniel Grabowski 

Citizen Members: Kevin Buxton, Steve Gregoire, Mark Lataille, Kathy Grenier.