Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is currently staffed with 26 officers. The Patrol Officer's hiring is determined by the civil service scores and guidelines. Presently we have officers ranging from 25 years on the job, to less than a year on the job.

Patrol responsibilities include responding to any and all calls for service, as well as proactive involvement in the community. They report directly to the 1st line supervisors, sergeants. They have numerous other responsibilities aside from patrol, including the Cops N Kids program, youth center activities, and many other functions sponsored by the police department.


  • Sergeant Ryan Chase
  • Sergeant John Fahey
  • Sergeant Ryan Roettger
  • Sergeant Robert Salisbury
  • Sergeant Luis Torres

Patrol Officers

  • Officer Scott Alicea-Bailey II
  • Officer Gerald Arvelo
  • Officer Matthew Beinema
  • Officer Charlie Bergeron-Pennachio
  • Officer Zachary Berquist
  • Officer Jarred Bigness
  • Officer Dean Bruneau
  • Officer Nicholas Chatzopoulos
  • Officer Jaylen Dottin
  • Officer Christopher Iozzo
  • Officer Pearl Lutta
  • Officer Eric McNeeley
  • Officer Joel Miranda
  • Officer Kaiten Neill
  • Officer Richard Reddick
  • Officer Jacup Roberts
  • Officer Alexandra Rodriguez
  • Officer Angel Rosario
  • Officer David Stanger
  • Officer Jesus Suarez

Recruit Officers

  • Recruit Officer Aaron Berry
  • Recruit Officer Bryan Blomgren
  • Recruit Officer Eliaab Maldonado