Zoning Board of Appeals

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  • Lynne Bertrand, Chair
  • Richard Clemence
  • Patrick Spinelli
  • Alternate Vacant
  • Alternate Vacant


The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) operates under the authority of Chapter 40A of the General Laws of the Commonwealth and Section 902 of the Southbridge Zoning Bylaws.

The ZBA holds public hearings and acts on applications for Special Permits, Variances, Comprehensive Permits, and Appeals of actions of the Building Commissioner. All meetings and public hearings of the ZBA are open to the public. Hearings are advertised in the local paper and abutters are notified at least 2 weeks in advance of the hearing.

Public Comment Form - Zoning Board of Appeals

  1. Instructions

    Use the drop-down menu to select a public hearing item to respond to. Select the "Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting - General Comments" option if you wish to submit comments relating to other agenda items. All comments are submitted to the Economic Development and Planning Department for processing and distribution to the Board Members. Any comments will be entered into the public record, distributed to the Zoning Board and posted on this Town's website.

    Please note: All public hearing comments must be received before the close of the public hearing. Any comments received after the hearing is closed will not be considered as part of the Board's decision.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Town Planner at 508-764-5402.

    Thank you.

  2. Public Comment Disclaimer*

    I understand that this public comment form requires me to state my name and address for the record. Forms submitted using misinformation will not be considered as complete and therefore not entered into the public record. I understand that I have the option of attending the Conservation Commission Meeting in which the matter will be discussed and, at which time, I will be required to state my name and address for the record. All properly submitted comments received on this matter will be entered into the public record, distributed to the Conservation Commission and posted on this Town's website. All comments must be received prior to the close of the public hearing for inclusion in the project record and consideration of the Commission at the time of Decision.

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