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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a home in Southbridge?
The Town of Southbridge offers so much to its residents including affordable housing options, easy access to major routes, strong neighborhoods, an outstanding array of programs and resources, quality public and private schools, Quinsigammond Community College, Harrington Hospital, and countless recreation facilities and activities.

Why buy now?
Homeownership is a long term investment offering rewards far beyond the usual financial ones. The current economic situation has created a unique window of opportunity where mortgage rates and home prices are both at an all-time low. Additionally, the Make Southbridge Home campaign offers a number of incentives to help those who are ready to purchase including real savings through participating lenders, realtors, attorneys, and employers; as well as discounts and rewards through our value-added partners.
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Am I eligible to participate?
Anyone looking to buy a condominium, townhouse, single-family home or two- to four-family, owner-occupied residence in Southbridge may be eligible to participate in Make Southbridge Home campaign.
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Is financing available?
To date, four local financial institutions have pledged to lend $8 million in mortgages to qualified buyers through the Make Southbridge Home campaign. Participating lenders offer a variety of loan products and incentives. We advise that you visit the web sites of the participating lenders to learn more about each one's specific offerings. The lenders will help you to select a product that best meets your needs, based on factors such as your credit history, amount of down payment, and income level.
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Do I have to have a down payment?
Some participating financial institutions offer no-down-payment mortgage solutions.
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Are there income minimums and maximums for eligibility?
There are mortgage options for most income levels. Specific lenders require different criteria. Check with the participating lenders.
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How do I find a home in the eligible area?
Several local Real Estate Agencies are participating in the program. Most will be displaying Make Southbridge Home signs on the properties alongside their own signs; and may display the logo in their print and on-line advertising.
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