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Southbridge Community Calendar
Event Listing Request Form

The Town will post events that meet the following criteria:

  • The event must be open to everyone.
  • The date of the submittal must be no less than one weeks before the event
  • The event must be written up on this form (provided on the website and available at the Jacob Edwards Library and Town Clerk's Office). It can be submitted via hard copy or email to
  • The event must have an entertainment or charitable purpose.
  • The event cannot be political in nature, unless it is sponsored or endorsed by the Town of Southbridge.
  • The event must be in compliance with all applicable municipal bylaws, state and federal statutes

Please complete the following information:

Name of Organization:

Name of Contact Person:


Daytime Telephone:

Evening Telephone:

This information will be posted on the "Community Calendar"

Sponsoring Organization(s):

Name of the Event:

Location of the Event:

Event Dates:

Event times:

Contact person(s):

Contact Telephone/E-mail Address:


Description of the Event: (Maximum of 50 words - this description will be posted on the "Community Calendar." We reserve the right to edit the content of this description.)

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By submitting this form, I certify that I agree to any and all restrictions on postings, including that the submission may not be posted at all, and I understand no notification will be provided as to the status of my posting.

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