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The following Summaries of Existing Resources are available for download, detailing Southbridge's rich and diverse resources:

About Us


  • Daphne Politis, Community Circle, Project Manager and Public Participation Specialist
  • Brian Barber, Community Preservation Associates, Housing and Economic Development Specialist
  • Bill Giezentanner, Community Preservation Associates, Open Space, Recreation and Natural Resources Specialist
  • Martha Lyon, Martha Lyon Landscape Architecture, LLC, Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources Specialist
  • Jeff Maxtutis, AECOM Inc., Traffic Planning and Engineering Services


  • Sandy Acly, Economic and Community Development


  • Rosemarie Alicea-Lamoureux
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Joan Greenberg
  • Arnold Lanni
  • Patrick Loconto
  • Christopher Morse
  • Cynthia Neil
  • Philip Pettinelli
  • Karen Pickarski

Friends of the Master Plan

  • Alessandra Jacques
  • Demetri Kasperson
  • Eddie Phillips
  • Maureen Doyle
  • Monika Agnello
  • Peter Desforges
  • Raciel Fernandez
  • Lynne Simonds.


Goals and Policies/Community Development Strategy
Rosemarie Alicea-Lamoureux (Chair)
Mark Ashton
Eve DiPietro

Housing and neighborhoods
Carlos Garcia (Chair)
Brenda Ryan
Bob Chernisky
Mirza Lugardo
Dave Manna

Open Space and Recreational Resources/Green Southbridge
Karen Pickarski (Chair)
Erik Larson
Johnny Lopez

Services and Facilities/Community Development Block Grant Target Areas
Patrick Loconto (Chair)
Stephen Donovan
Juan Carlos Hernandez

Implementation and Funding
Cynthia Neill (Chair)
Paula Dacoles
Jeff Davenport
Severina Rios

Land Use and Zoning/Smart Growth
Arnold Lanni (Chair)
Melissa Hilli
Alix McNitt

Economic Development/Downtown Southbridge
Philip Pettinelli (Chair)
Donald Anglim
George Karamanakis
David Lavallee
Alan Peppel

Natural and Cultural Resources
Joan Greenberg (Chair)
Jean Ashton
Rudi DiGregorio

Transportation and Circulation
Christopher Morse (Chair)
Brian Gendreau
Shane Woodson